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The ultrafast and highly accurate tool to find seamless sustain sample loops in your sample libraries! SampleLooper finds perfect loops in nearly no time at all and is optimized to work with large sample libraries. The program will also find and save multiple loops and is ideally suited to work with multiloop-capable samplers such as Hauptwerk. SampleLooper will also find and set the release marker for you. This marks the transition fromthe sustained part of the sample to the release phase and can be used by many software samplers to play the original sound release when you release the key. SampleLooper is a utility to find seamless loops in wave-files. It is primarily intended for pipe organ samples, but may also be used with other samples as well. It works best with samples that have a fairly steady sounding sustain portion in which to find loops. SampleLooper can also be used to set the release markers used by software-samplers to switch between the sustain part and the release tail of a sample when the key is released. The program uses an innovative and very fast shape matching algorithm to identify the best loop points within a specified search area. It uses the zero crossings of the dominant channel of the signal as starting points for the matching. The program finds a loop that is the best match for BOTH channels at the same time, in contrast to other loop finding tools that search for best matches for each channel separately. SampleLooper handles multiple loops natively, which makes it the ideal tool to loop samples for the Hauptwerk™ Virtual Pipe Organ. SampleLooper works with .wav-files in all standard formats, compressed wave data are however not supported. The program will not modify the wave-data itself, it will only add the loop and cue-marker information to the samples. SampleLooper is designed for very fast and efficient looping of large sample sets and provides some helpful shortcuts to aid in rapid processing of sample files. Key Features: * finds perfect loop points easily * works with multiple loops * lets you adjust three independent loop search areas * is optmized to work with large file collections * finds the release point in the sample * check loops and release markers with and without crossfade * works with any standard sample format (uncompressed wav-files only)

Systems: Windows 7, WinXP, Windows Vista, Windows Vista x64, Windows 7 x64

Tags: loop finder   find loop   loop searcher   loop   wav   finder  

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